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How to Use Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher(36205)?

How to Use Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher(36205)?

“We’ve been using Brita Water Filter Pitchers for many years and they’ve all been great! it fits easily into the side door of our refrigerator. Everyone should use a Brita. The water is fresh and great tasting. ”

Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, White, Large 10 Cup, 1 Count

Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher(36205) With the Advanced filter technology, cuts the taste and odor of chlorine to deliver great-tasting water and is certified to reduce copper, cadmium, and mercury impurities, which can adversely affect your health over time. Start drinking healthier, great-tasting water today.

The Improvements From The Old One:

  • The top actually sits down inside the pitcher so it stays in place; the old one did not.
  • The top is separate from the handle; the old one was part of the handle. (This is a significant improvement as the old one always felt like it was going to break at any time when pouring from it.)
  • The new one has a label to mark when to replace the filter; the old one had a mechanism that flashed red, yellow, or red to indicate when to replace the filter. ( This was fine if it worked, but it didn’t always work correctly, and it was difficult to reset it properly with no way of knowing if it was working.)

What Are The Features of Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher(36205)?

  • BPA Free pitcher holds 6 cups of filtered water.
  • Improves taste and odor of water without TDS removal.
  • Includes filter replacement indicator light.
  • Filters up to 40 gallons of water.

How to Change Your Brita Filter?

  1. Flush the Brita filter with cold water for 15 seconds.
  2. Insert the Brita filter into the reservoir, lining up the notch in the Brita pitcher with the groove in the filter.
  3. Press firmly to ensure a tight seal.
  4. After changing the filter, fill the reservoir with cold tap water. It is normal for carbon dust to appear in your first three pitchers. Discard the first three pitchers or use them to water plants.

How to Use Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher(36205)?

  • Find a clean boiling pot or a clear coffee pot to fill enough tap water so the water level will engulf the new filter.
  • Make sure u can place and retrieve the filter quite smoothly into the water without tilting or disturbing the water and filter.
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes then remove it slowly, the same way u placed it inside.
  • Place the filter into the Brita pitcher all the way down—the 2 notches should firmly sit flatly on the bottom of the orifice. (Do a dry practice in placing the filter inside) that eliminates the guesswork afterward.
  • After fitting the filter correctly; softly turn on the water and fill the inside (not on filter) top container. The water will filter through and fill the clear bottom of the container.
  • Repeat the process until the bottom is 5/8 full. Do not add more water.

If you FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS, you won’t have problems!


  • If you can’t afford a whole-house filtering system or under the sink, get a Brita pitcher and your water will be safe to drink!
  • That really allowed us to see the difference between filtered water and tap water so I can honestly say this does taste much better.
  • This Brita pitcher replaced a smaller one I had for quite a few years.

Warm Tips:

  • There is one thing you need to beware of. The plastic top ‘snaps down’ in place. Sometimes it can come loose, and then a flood of water will pour out of the top, and over everything. To stop this from happening, I always put pressure on the top with one hand, when I am pouring water.
  • When it is full it is very heavy to lift with one hand.

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Brita Standard Everyday Water Filter Pitcher(36205)FAQ

The easy way to get the white part dislodged is this: Remove the filter. Fill the pitcher all the way up with warm water and a dab of dishwashing liquid. Now turn it upside down. The force of the water and gravity will dislodge the white part. The soap adds some extra slip to dislodge things and cleans the pitcher.
Yes, it does. It's a standard filter.
2 to 3 months depending on use. * keep the top holding tank full so the filter does not dry out!!
If it is a Brita filter yes it will fit.
Well, water can contain different contaminants, such as iron and rust, which cause water to have a color. As long as your well is municipally treated, you can use Brita filters, but you may need to change your filter more frequently.